哈利·波特(全名Harry James Potter,哈利·詹姆·波特)是英国女作家J.K.罗琳列小说与电影《哈利·波特》中的主人公。下面是五度学习网www.wudu001.com分享的哈利波特与魔法石英文读后感。供大家参考!


  First to remind you, I am a kid. So I am deeply loved in the magic kingdom and was truly made me feel a pity I was a Muggle( none magical people with no wizard blood in their vessel)! That does made me feel that there's nothing to say with 'no ghosts in the world'. It was a great story. Harry Potter the boy was ever known in the wizard world since Voldermort, the dark lord, killed Harry Potter's parents but, failed to attack Harry. It made him lost his power, and have to share bodies with others. Something Voldermort never understand was love, his parents' love. More than any powers in the far world.

  Now his only family was his mother's sister, aunt Petunia. The family who was a typical example of Muggle. Selfish, cruel, thinking how good their son was and not putting an eye on the others. The truth was, their son was a fat one, with no knowledge at all. One occasionally thing just changed Harry's life, he was welcomed to Hogwarts, the magic school, on the train he met two people, and they are true friends: Ron Weasley and Hermonie Granger. And he also met his biggest enemy, Draco Malfoy. Months ran through and he met his Quidditch match, something he could do without been taught. And the last thing, he found out the dark plot, the teacher Quirrel, who taught defense against the dark arts, was very suspicious there, was with another face, Voldermort's. But one thing he couldn't kill Harry, was that power, love.

  The whole story with it's neat writing, let me feel not another better story than this in writing magical story. With really complicated using of words. It gave me a real shock when I had finished the last word, and the deepest summarize: the most 'innocent' man will be the most guilty man.——————

  Swim in between there read more, often have a two this masterpiece was I get my appreciation, but when I touch that a book, I drunk, for it for it touched, put it at the time, 10 million firmly record in the heart. That read a spell, it will emerge, once in a very long while can't mind them...

  Picked up a magic wand, read the familiar spell, it appears, is with me:

  A named harry potter's children, no ordinary child was born, a possession of the a and bad egg voldemort in fighting the sign, a form of like lightning scar. It's a death more than a mark, because of the sacrifice of the mother of his death minus became the way scar. His uncle was adopted a very grievance childhood, my cousin Dudley always by a bully him, was like this for 11 years. On his birthday, something extraordinary things, to change his life. A surface actually very gentleness of the terrorist hagrid to send the letter, a magic school that he was born from a is a wizard's fate. He is very happy to learn, also in the know diagon alley, and a series of the wizarding world things. The school also know two good friends, is a stupid stupid brain RON, have an equally put harry when the child's mother. One is the award of hermione, two ordinary muggle parents. (non-magical people) they all efforts to save the magic stone, and voldemort determined opposition, finally smashed the voldemort dreams, won the honor.

  Flaubert once said: the more unfortunate fate complain, the more painful; The more want to escape, the more feel fear, better to face it, against it, to overcome it and make all the pain to concede that the bright, bow blooming in the hard work of land. Harry potter is such, his face difficulty do not bow, but looked up, stand chest brave face, to conquer it. The classmates, in the mountains of the road, not straight, however, have curve, just have the magnificent, beautiful, have ups and downs, just have the waves, as streams obstacles, have uneven, just have the song! Our path is not flat, there are ups and downs, rugged, but we can not to difficultly lowers the head, to harry potter's study, be an upright, justice, brave face difficulty, despised difficult people!!!!! Victory is always belong to the firm was. Let us all work together!

  Magic, wizard is has been many writers wrote old theme. But rowling is undoubtedly the best writing. Put the wizarding world write so real, and many of the details of magic interwoven into one of the nets. The book's most attractive is undoubtedly the full of suspense story, and each time the end all let you so boundless, simply astounding. The book is full of foreshadowing, who can think of unexpected ending will hide in many of the details. It is such a gripping story, let a person fondle admiringly. Harry the little boy's image was planted in my brain, his loyalty, courage, and for justice and pursuit of truth, and that kind of unswerving spirit, are all clear echoed in my mind. Ever a teenage boy, want to assume the responsibility of saving the world, will face death, will bear great pain and injustice, I whether they can do this? Children is always considered synonymous with childish, but harry told them, you can also like harry assume responsibility. This is probably "harry potter" to my biggest incentive. I may throw away many books, but always has a shelf in the harry potter "; I will also buy many books, but the shelves and never have a gap.

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