第一篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题


Meeting Notice

TO:All salesmen?

Subject:The Year-end Sales Meeting?

From:Susan Lee,Secretary

The last sales meeting for will be held on Monday,December 17th 10∶00? a.m.until 4∶00 p.m.at the Head Office?

Lunch will be provided.

The agenda will be mailed by the end of November.

If you have any items to be included,please forward them to me by November 20th.

If you are unable to attend,please call 63419403,not later than November 30th.

Thank you.

第二篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题


Unit 1

First meetings 1

introductions and greetings

1. Listening You are going to hear a number of people introducing themselves. Some of the introductions involve two people, some involve three. First look at the conversations in the pictures below. Then, as you listen, number these conversations in the order you hear them. The first one has been done for you.

a.( ) A: Hello, I"m...

B: Nice to meet you. My name"s...

b.( ) A: Hello, let me introduce myself. My name"s...

B: Pleased to meet you. I"m...

c.( ) A: I don"t know anyone here. You"ll have to introduce me

B: Of course, Roger ,this is...

C: Nice to meet you.

d.( ) A: How do you do? My name"s...

B: Nice to meet you. Mine"s...

e.( ) A: I haven"t met your Managing Director yet.

B: Oh, I"m sorry. Dr. Mannheim, this is .

C: Very nice to meet you.

f.( ) A: Let me introduce you two. Maxine, this is Francis.

B: Nice to meet you.

g.( ) A Could you introduce me to the Marketing Manager?

B: Of course, John...Philip, let me introduce you to ...

C: Nice to meet you.

Listening task

(1) A: Hello, let me introduce myself. My name"s Klein, Gunther Klein.

B: Pleased to meet you. I"m Geoff Snowdon.

(2) A: How do you do? My name"s Paul Matthews.

B: Nice to meet you. Mine"s Akira Mishima.

(3) A: Hello, I"m Tom.

B: Nice to meet you. My name"s Francine.

(4) A: Peter, could you introduce me to the Marketing Manager?

B: Of course, John...Philip, let me introduce you to john, our new Computer Manager.

C: Nice to meet you, John, we"re going to be working together.

(5) A: Herr Tubingen, I haven"t met your Managing Director yet.

B: Oh, I"m sorry. Come and meet him. Dr Mannheim, this is Mr. Roberts. He"s over from the States on a visit.

C: Very nice to meet you, Mr. Roberts. How long are you here for?

(6) A: Jane, I don"t know anyone here. You"ll have to introduce me.

B: Of course, I"ll introduce you to Roger first. He"s the host...Roger, this is Susan. She"s just moved to the area.

C: Nice to meet you, Susan. Do you come from these parts?

(7) A: Let me introduce you two. Maxine, this is Francis.

B: Nice to meet you, Maxine. Are you an old friend of Tony"s?

C: Oh yes, Tony and I have known each other for years, haven"t we?

A: Yes, that"s right.

2.Prisentation Introductions often include thes steps:

You heard two types of introduction:


Or } introduction -->response

request for introduction

You head two types of introduction:

introducing yourself

introducing some one else

Notes:1. Some introductions are more formal than others. The use of first names indicates informality.

2. In English-speaking cultures, peolle usually shake hands on first meting.

Now listen again and indicate whether the introdcution is formal(F) or informal(I). The first one has been done for you.

Introduction 1 ( F) Introduction 2 ( )

Introduction 3 ( ) Introduction 4 ( )

Introduction 5 ( ) Introduction 6 ( )

Introduction 7 ( )

3. Contralled practice

Complete the introductions.

(1). Peter King introduces himself to Jack Simpson:

Peter King: Hello, My name"s Peter King

Jack Simpson: I"m Jack Simpson.

(2). Philip introduces Sarah to James:

Sarah: Philip, I Here. You"ll have to .

Philip: Of , I"ll to James. He"s an old friend of mine.

James, Sarah, she"s just joined the company.

James: ,Sarah. Where do you come from?

(3). Rod Burton introduces Pete Taylor to an important custome:

Pete: Rod, I Mrs Rogers, the Purchasing Manager from Kentons.

Rod: I"m . Come and meet her. Mrs Rogers, Pete Taylor, our Export Sales Manager.

Mrs Rogers: What countries do you cover?

(4). Klaus Fischer introduces himself to an American visitor:

Klaus Fischer: How ? My

American: . Brenda Cole.


We are going to be working together.


该句用的是将来进行时,意 义相当于一般将来时,即该句也可以说成:We are going work together. 用将来进行时目的是语言更加形象生动。中国学生往往不敢用将来进行时。其实该时态用法与一般将来时基本一样,而且能丰富我们的表达方式,也更符合口语习惯。

eg. I will beworking in New York next month.


have to 不得不,必须



have to 是一种客观要求。

must 为主观认为。

eg. According to the contract[合同] wehave to pay by L/C[信用证]


“You must pay us by L/C,” said the exporter.


over (adv.)(跨过一定空间)到.............

eg. He"s over from the States on a visit.


the States 指美国[注意:首字母要大写并且要在词尾加-s表复数]

be on a visit 在访问中


eg. I"m here on business. 我来这儿出差。

host 主人


Dr 为 doctor的缩写,是博士或医生的头衔。可以单独用来称呼人,也可以加在姓的前面称呼人。

eg. Dr Smith 史密斯博士/医生[依上下文而定]

move 搬家,移动

eg. The traders are going to move theiroffice to Wall Street.


join 加入,参加

eg. She"s just joined the company.


He joined the marketing team last week.


Purchasing Manager 采购经理

Export Sales Manager 出口销售经理

cover (业务)覆盖

eg. What countries do you cover?你们在哪些国家有业务?

The tea company covers almost all of East Asia. 这家茶叶公司与东亚各国几乎都有业务关系。

Unit 1










C:很高兴见到你, 约翰。今后我们将在一起共事了。













a By the way

b who is here to look at our research programme

c Chief Designer for Great Wall Toys

d We"re very pleased that you could come today

e from the Beijing Technical Institute

f Are you going to give a talk at the conference

g And I"m very pleased to be here

h I"ve heard a lot about your research

i He"s our Chief Technical Officer


ARTHUR: Jeff, I"d like you to meet Elen Wang (1).

She"s the R&D Manager for our new Hong Kong Subsidiary. Elen, this is Jeff King. (2) . He"ll answer all of your questions.

JEFF: Hello, pleased to meet you.

ELEN: How do you do? (3)


MIKE: It"s difficult to find a seat, isn"t it?

OLGA:Yes. It"s a very popular lecture.

MIKE: (4), my name is Mike Collins, Denton Engineering.

OLGA: I"m Olga-Olga Zhang (5).

MIKE: Hi, Olga, nice to meet you. (6)?

OLGA: No. I just have to write a report for my institute.


PETER: Now, may I introduce you to Bill Wells, our Sales Manager? Bill, this is Li Fang, (7). She has a lot of ideas to discuss with us.

BILL: How do you do, Ms Li.

LI: How do you do.

BILL: (8) . Great Wall Toys is one of our most important suppliers, and we"ve head a lot about your design team.

LI: (9). Feedback from customers is very important to us.


1. A: Hello,(1) ( introduce) my self. My name"s Klin.

B: (2) to meet you.

2. A: Peter, (3) (introduce) me to the Marketing Manager?

B: (4) , come and meet her.

3. A: Jane, I don"t know anyone here. (5) (introduce) me.

B: (6). I"ll introduce you the host first.

4. A: (7) (introduce) you two. Maxine, this is Francis.

B: (8) meet you. Maxine.







Key to Exercises-A

(1)-b (2)-i (3)-h (4)-a (5)-e (6)-f (7)-c (8)-d (9)-g

Key to Exercises-B

(1) let me introduce

(2) Pleased / Nice / Glad

(3) Could you introduce

(4) Of course

(5) You"ll have to introduce

(6) Of course

(7) Let me introduce

(8) Nice / Pleased / Glad

Key to Translation

At a Christmas party of ABC Company, Mr Wang met Miss Smith. They have known each other for years.

1.Wang: I don"t know anyone here. You"ll have to introduce me.

Smith: Of course. I"ll introduce you to Mr Brown first. He is our Computer Manager.

2.Smith: Mr Brown, please come and meet Mr Wang. He is over from China on a visit.

Brown: Very nice to meet you, Mr Wang. How long are you going to be here?

第三篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题


(一)写作第一部分―― 便条、留言、备忘录及电子邮件








(二)写作第二部分―― 商务信函


【 经验】会员积分怎么获得?怎么查询?积分可以如何使用?可以直接转换为现金吗?

shareba经验分享: 如何挣钱


第四篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题

题目:Condolence Letter 哀悼信


Dear Mr.White:

We’re deeply sorry to hear of the passing of your president,Mr.Smith.Mr.Smith was the person who initiated business with our company and it is under his leadership that the business between our two companies expanded continuously in the past few years.We owe much of our current success to Mr.White and we are very grateful to his for what his has done for us.

Please accept our heartfelt condolences and convey deepest sympathies to his family.

Yours Sincerely

第五篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题


The Scientific Approach to Recruitment

When it (0) to selecting candidates through interview, moreoften than not the decision is made within the first five minutesof a meeting.Yet employers like to (21) themselves that they arebeing exceptionally thorough in their selection processes. Intoday’s competitive market place, the (22) of staff in manyorganizations is fundamental to the company’s success and, asa result , recruiters use all means at their disposal to (23) the best in the field.

One method in particular that has (24) in popularity is testing , either psychometric testing,which attempts to define psychological characteristics , or ability£aptitude testing (25) anorganization with an extra way of establishing a candidate’s suitability for a role. It (26) companiesto add value by identifying key elements of a position and then testing candidates to ascertain theirability against those identified elements.

The employment of psychometric or ability testing as one (27) of the recruitment processmay have some merit, but in reality there is no real (28), scientific or otherwise, of the potentialfuture performance of any individual. The answer to this problem is experience in interviewtechniques and strong definition of the elements of each position to be (29) as the wholerecruitment process is based on few real certainties, the instinctive decisions that many employersmake, based on a CT and the first five minutes of a meeting, are probably no less valid than anyother tool employed in the (30) of recruitment.

21.A suggest B convince C advise D believe

22.A worth B credit C quality D distinction

23.A secure B relies C attain D achieve

24.A lifted B enlarged C expanded D risen

25.A provides B offers C contributes D gives

26.A lets B enables C agrees D admits

27. A portion B member C share D component

28. A extent B size C amount D measure

29.A occupied B met C filled D appointed

30 A business B topic C point D affair


《The scientific approach to recruitment》,招人的科学方法。这篇完型比较简单。完型填空也有两种题型,两种解题思路。一种是从意思上理解然后做出选择,一种是根据单词的用法。前者比较容易,后者很考验语言功底。

21题,理解上下文的意思。前面说招人时的决定一般是在五分钟以内做出的。但是雇主们试图使自己详细相信他们在挑选过程中是经过了深思熟虑的。Convince oneself,使确信。其他的词没有这个用法。


23题,招人者试图利用一切方法来抓住这个领域最好的(人才),secure the best,抓住最好的。realise是实现,attain是获得,后面不能接人,achieve是实现一个目标。

24题,rise in popularity,固定搭配,popularity是知名度的意思,这个词组应该可以翻译成声名鹊起。

25题,provides with,提供。给组织提供另外一种方法。offer的用法是offer sb sth,contribute在这里意思不对。



Component:one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc

Portion:a part of something larger, especially a part that is different from the other parts



29题,fill a position,填补空位,fill在这里的意思是to perform a particular job, activity, or purpose in an organization, or to find someone or something to do this。不能选occupy,因为occupy更强调人的一种主动,而这里只是客观说某个需要填补的职位。

30题,in the business of,也是一种固定的说法,在什么的过程中。很多场合都可以使用。可以多看几个例句:

We’re in the business of stimulating the economy(By Obama)

Energetics is a specialist management consultancy in the business of climate change


Questions 21 -35

. Read this advertisement.

. Choose the best word to fill each gap.

. For each question (21 35) mark one letter (A , B ,C ,D)on your Answer Sheet.

. One answer has been given as an example.

Too much to read! It/’s impossible to find time to read today/’s top business books-and thousands are published each year. Yet not keeping up with those books could be a serious-and expensive mistake. Often the ideas and insights they . . . . . . example. . . . . are available nowhere else. But how can you even. . . . . .21. . . . . . which titles are worthwhile-let alone find time to read them?

Fortunately, there/’s a . . . .. .22. .. . . . : Soundview Executive Book Summaries. It really. . . . . . 23.. . . . . In fact, it/’s . . . . . . 24. . . . . . to work. It is ingenious and essential. Every month, you . . . . . . 25. . . . . two or three quick reading, time saving . . . . . .26. . . .. . of the best new business books. Each contains all the key points in the . . . . . . 27. . . . . . book. The big difference ,instead of 200 to 500 pages ,the summary is only & pages. Instead of . . . . . . 28. . . . . . five ,ten or more hours to read ,it takes just 15 minutes.

Of the thousands of business books . . . . . . 29. . . . . .annually, only a . . . . . . 30. . . . . .are really worth reading. To save your time, our Editorial Board goes over them all . . . . . . 31. . . . . .90%. Our standards are . . . . . . 32. . . . . .,and the criteria rigorous.

When a book meets all our tests, we prepare a Summary, instead of a review or a digest. You get a skillful distillation that preserves the content ad spirit of the . . . . . . 33. . . . . .books. The titles cover every. . . . . . 34. . . . . .of concern to business people today. There/’s . . . . . . 35. . . . . .else like Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

21 . A. see B. know C. ask D. answer

22. A. answer B. solution C. question D. problem

23. A. works B. costs C. sells D. buys

24. A. guarded B. granted C. guided D. guaranteed

25. A. pay B. send C. receive D. buy

26. A. titles B. summaries C. names D. prices

27. A. original B. first C. same D. another

28. A. spending B. costing C. taking D. sitting

29. A. publicized B. polished C. published D. popularized

30. A. dozen B. little C. handful D. couple

31. A. choosing B. eliminating C. writing D. publishing

32. A. high B. low C. expensive D. cheap

33. A. entire B. tired C. entering D. old

34. A. word B. subject C. sentence D. idea

35. A. something B. anything C. all D. nothing

答案: 21. B 22. B 23.A 24. D 25. C 26.B 27.A 28. C 29.C30. C 31. B 32.A 33. A 34. B 35.D

第六篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题

题目:Congratulation Letter祝贺与慰问

Sample 1

Dear Mr.Stewart:

Please accept my warmest congratulations on your promotion to general manager! We have just learned that you have been appointed to this position.It came as no surprise to us in view of your unusual abilities.You deserve the position after years of service in the company.Your experience in this field will surely bring in more profits for your company.We are sending you our best wishes for the future.

Through 3 years of working with you,many of us know clearly how much you have contributed to building the relationship between our two corporations.You also have come to know us well during the past 3 years,and we are ready to offer you the same service in the days ahead.

We look forward to the continuing growth of your company under your enlightened leadership.

Sincerely Yours,

David Parker

Sample 2

Dear Michael:

Congratulations on the birth of your son!How happy and proud you must be at this time.And hope your son grow up healthy,wealthy and wise.

My best wishes to all three of you!

Truly yours,

Joe Wisdom

第七篇: 初级剑桥商务英语模拟试题


Dear David:

I am very sorry to tell you that it will not be possible for us to meet during your forthcoming trip to Japan.Unfortunately I will be out of town on June 20,which is the only date that you said you have available in Tokyo.

If you are planning to make another visit to Japan sometime soon and if you can give me some advance notice of your visit,I would be delighted not only to see you again but also to arrange a visit to our factory.?

In any case,I look forward to meeting you again in New York on my next trip.



Dear Mr.Green:?

Thank you for your letter of October 15 regarding your visit next month.

We would be delighted to meet you to discuss your new products.Could you please come to our office at 11?∶00 a.m.on November 18?If your schedule permits,we would like to invite you to lunch after the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you.



Dear Henry:?

Please be advised I will be travelling to the United States next month to promote the latest products from Hara Software Inc.I will be in New York and ?available? for discussions from November 17 till November 19.

I would like very much to pay you a visit.Assuming this is acceptable,please let me know when it will be convenient for you to meet me at your office.

Sincerely Yours,


You are going to spend holidays in Hawaii in June. Suddenly you received a letter from an important customer,Mr. Elton Deland,who will arrive on 25th June and discuss the claim. You have to delay the trip till July.

Write a short message to Ms. Anne Folster, your secretary.

. Explain Why you postpone your trip.

. Mention the date when Mr. Elton Deland will arrive.

. Ask her to arrange your meeting.

. Write 30-40words on your Answer Sheet.


一般不用信头称呼的形式,也不采用在结尾处署上写信人的名字的方式,而是在备忘录的开头处写明收信人To________,在结尾处写明具体的写信人From___________以及主题:Re:__________ 或Subject:____________。例如:

To: Head Office staff

From: Tom Beck

I have the pleasure of announcing that Ms Sally Jolie has been appointed as the new Sales Manager at Head Office. Ms Jolie is due to join us on Monday 15th. Please give her a friendly welcome when she starts work.

Thank you.


To : Ms. Anne Folster


I have to delay my trip to Hawaii till July,as Mr. Flton Deland will arrive in London on 25th June and discuss the claim face to face. Please arrange our meeting on 26th June.