One possible version:

  I have a plan for the party that divides into three parts.They"re Picture show,Talent show and Senior high message.

  Part 1.Picture show

  We bring some photos taken with our teachers or classmates and describe the photos with a good story about our school lives.

  Part 2.Talent show

  We can share our hobbies with our classmates.We can show what we can do in music,art or sport.We can also show other special abilities like playing magic and so on.

  Part 3.Senior high message

  Each of us prepares a big card,and then writes down a message for senior high on the card for each other.So everyone can exchange the best wishes with his or her classmates.

  In this party,all of us can share our wonderful experience in the past three years.We can present what they"ve learnt and how much progress we"ve made,too.And finally we may look forward to the future with lots of encouragement or advice.




  31.—Can you help me with my math?

  —No problem(问题).

  32.If you try your best,you can work it out easily(容易的).

  33.I want another(另外的) ten people to help me.

  34.She likes eating potatoes(土豆) very much.

  35.How lovely/cute(可爱的) your pet dog is!


  36.She is from Canada.She speaks Canadian English.

  37.Mike is an excellent boy,he is one of the best students in my class.

  38.Have you ever heard from your pen pal?

  39.Shopping online is popular with young people.

  40.If you are very hungry,you can go to the restaurant near here.


  1.—Is there a watermelon on the table?


  A.Yes,there is. B.Yes,it is.

  C.No,there is. D.No,it isn"t.

  2.—This problem is far __A__ me.I"m afraid I can"t work it out.

  —Don"t worry,we will help you.

  A.beyond B.beside C.behind D.between

  3.It is necessary __D__ us to help our friends out when they meet difficulties.

  A.to B.of C.with D.for

  4.__C__ bad weather it is!We can"t go out for a walk.

  A.What a B.How a C.What D.How

  5.Vivi told me that __C__ students in her class joined the league yesterday.

  A.another one B.more three

  C.three more D.three another

  6.He ran to the bus stop quickly __A__ catch the last bus.

  A.in order to B.so that

  C.as soon as D.in order that

  7.—What would you like to drink?

  —I"m very thirsty.__C__ you can get.Just get it now.

  A.Something B.Nothing

  C.Anything D.Other things

  8.—It"s __C__ outside.

  —Yeah!Let"s go out and make a snowman.

  A.cloudy B.rainy C.snowy D.windy

  9.You don"t need to pay for them because they"re__A__today.

  A.free B.true C.busy D.clean

  10.—Boys and girls!Please __B__ your compositions after class.

  —Oh,my God!I ________ it at home.

  A.hand in,forgot B.hand in,left

  C.hand out,forgot D.hand out,left