第1篇: 北京中考英语阅读理解专练题带答案

  "We"re going to move," Jimmy said to Mr. James her teacher, with tears(眼泪) in her eyes. "Dad lost his job and now we don"t have enough money to live in our house." Pam was walking by and just heard Jimmy"s talk with Mr.James.

  In the lunchroom Pam met Carol and said, "I"ve got something to tell you about Jimmy." As she started to tell Carol about Jimmy"s dad, several other classmates stopped to listen Pam felt bad telling what she had heard but she went on anyway.

  After school, Pam saw some of her classmate"s talking to Jimmy. "Where does your dad work?" one of the boys asked. Jimmy"s face turned red. She left without answering. Pam felt terrible, because she didn"t mean to hurt Jimmy. And she hadn"t thought that some of the classmates would make jokes and laugh at Jimmy about her father"s losing the job. Pom didn"t know what she could do to help Jimmy.

  36.The story wants to tell us ____.

  (A)It"s difficult to move away (B)girls don"t like to talk to boys

  (C)student"s report to the teacher (D)secrets are hard to keep

  37.Jimmys family had to move because ____.

  (A)her father lost his job (B)they had a better place to live in

  (C)her classmates were not kind enough

  (D)her father changed his job

  38.Jimmy"s face turning red show that she didn"t ____.

  (A)feel well enough (B)know the answer

  (C)want to talk about her father (D)want to leave others

  39.Pam felt very sorry ____.

  (A)and wanted to do something for Jimmy (B)but went to laughing at Jimmy

  (C)so she stopped to listen to others (D)and left without answering

  40.The whole story happened ____.

  (A)in class (B)during and after school

  (C)at Mr.James"s office (D)in the lunchroom

第2篇: 北京中考英语阅读理解专练题带答案

  Have you ever seen a horse with toes(脚趾)? Millions of years ago, horses had many toes. They had four toes on each front foot. They had three toes on each back foot. The horses were smaller than cats.

  These small horses lived in the forest. Their many toes helped the horses run over the soft wet ground.

  It was very hot in the forest. But the weather changed. It became cold. Many trees couldn"t live in cold weather. The trees died and fell. Open field took the place of(代替) forests. The sun made the ground dry and hard(坚硬).

  Horses began to change too.They began to get bigger.This took a long time. On the dry hard land, horses needed only their middle toes for running. Their middle toes became hard. After a long time horses had only one hard toe on each foot. We call this hard toe a hoof(马蹄).

  (61) Long ago, the horse had four toes on each of its ______.

  A. back feet B. front feet C. right feet

  (62) The cats were ______ the horses at that time.

  A. much bigger B. smaller than C. bigger than

  (63) Which of the three sentences is true?

  A. The weather stays the same the whole year all over the world.

  B. When the weather changed, animals began to change too.

  C. Cats were bigger in the past than they are today.

  (64) On the dry hard land ______.

  A. horses needed a lot of room for running

  B. a horse needed more than four toes for running

  C. horses needed only their middle toes for running

  (65) Now each horse has ______ on its feet.

  A. one toe B. three toes C. four toes