第1篇: 2017中考英语补全对话专项练习题附答案

  A: Hello, Mary. 1. __________________________?

  B. Fine, thank you, Lucy.

  A: Mary, 2. ____________________________.

  B. It"s so kind of you to say that.

  A: Where did you buy the skirt?

  B: 3. ____________________________?

  A: In Hangzhou? Well, Hangzhou is a very beautiful

  City. 4. ________________________?

  B: Last month.

  A: Did you go there with your father?

  B. No, 5. _________________________.

  A: England?

  B: Yes, on business.


  1 What is it ?

  2 Who told you about it?

  3 I was the winner.

  4 Where shall we go?

  5 See you later.

第2篇: 2017中考英语补全对话专项练习题附答案

  A: 1 . ?

  B: Not yet. Exercise 3 is too difficult for me.

  A: Don"t worry. 2 ____________ .

  B: It"s very kind of you. But I think I can do it myself. Can you lend me your English-Chinese dictionary?

  A: With pleasure. 3. ______________________..

  B: Thanks. 4. ________________, is Miss Gao at the teachers" office?

  A: Oh, no. She"s out at the moment.

  B: 5._______________________? Do you know? I have some questions to ask her.

  A: I think she is at the library. She told me she wanted to borrow some books.

  B: I have to wait for her.


  1.What are you talking about?

  2. No, I didn"t.

  3.what a pity!

  4 Can we watch it on TV?

  5 Work must come first.

第3篇: 2017中考英语补全对话专项练习题附答案

  (Sue=S Ken=K)

  S: Hello, Ken! Could you give me a lift?

  K: 1.____________________________, I don"t have a car right now

  S: Oh, that"s too bad! I want to go to the Central Hospital.

  K: Why? 2______________________________?

  S: No, I"m all right. My English teacher is there. She is ill now and is to leave the hospital today.

  K: I see. 3. ____________________________?

  S: I"ve already got some flowers from my mother"s garden.

  K: Well, well. 4. ___________________________.

  S: But, what a pity! I can"t see Linda now. No car and no driver.

  K: Wrong. You have a good driver here.

  5. ___________________________.

  S: Really? That"s great. It"s very kind of you, Ken.

  K: It"s my pleasure.


  1 She may have one.

  2 Here you are.

  3 Would you like to come?

  4 What time will it begin?

  5 I must finish my homework first.