On the campus of the university, between buildings, there are large stretches of lawn, green as ever and as if forever. Encircled by the green, I often have the inspiration to think. It is a green thought in a green shade. My green thought is about how I will face the future.

  The important thing in life is to have a great goal and the determination to attain it. Living without a goal is like sailing without a compass. Lack of purpose is the cause of most of our failures. When a great aim has been decided on, determination and persistence are most important. A story about Mao Zedong's willpower not to smoke is a good example of this kind of willpower applied for the short term, an example the young person might apply to his or her determination to work for the long term. Mao was addicted to cigarettes. At the Chongqing Negotiations, he was observed to have an unusual expression on his face. When the talks were over, Jiang Jieshi said, "He likes cigarettes as much as he does his life, but when he learned that I don't smoke, in the course of our talks, he never smoked even a single cigarette." We can never despise Mao Zedong's determination and will! You can see that nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

  Persistence is also the key factor, like determination. As Benjamin Franklin said, "He who is patient can have whatever he wants." This persistence is necessary; successful people expect periodic defeats, learn what went wrong and why, and make necessary adjustments, and try again. If you are persistent, you will almost inevitably succeed. When Ludwig van Beethoven - "the Michelangelo of Music", reached his peak, he was totally deaf. If you study his biography, and get acquainted with his trials, his hardships, battles, and triumphed over fate. Success seldom comes easily on the first try. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is persistence. Many organizational analysts and career consultants consider persistence to be ultimate key to success at both the organizational and personal level. Successful people also fail occasionally, but they do not let their failures defeat their spirit. Learning from defeats, they revise strategy as needed and try again, and again, and again, until they succeed. In everyone's heart, there is that kind of pure green and the pure desire for success. Green signifies vitality, hope and success. It urges you on.


  There is no dobut that everybody wants to achieve success. Me either. To accomplish your goal, the most important thing is outstanding willpower rather than the method. Liyang kept practising his oral english and spoke out loudly 1 hour every day in the ninth floor of his working site to improve his english profiency. Mr.Zhongdaolong insisted on dictation along with the tape on 20 pieces of A4 paper everyday to pursuing success. Moreever, those giants who made miracles in career are having much more determination and willpower than that of common guys. To make his dream of“ The Happiest Place on Earth@ Come true, Volt Disney was refused more than 302 times during his financing from the bank but finally he made it. The founder of KFC started his business when he was at his 65. He got peopples comment of ”YES" after he was rejected by 1009 times. There are too many examples proved that willpowers and persistence are much more important than the method. Therefore, in my unstanding, If you want to make some success in specific filed, you have to firstly cultiviate kind of spirit of willpower. This is the first stop to approch success and also the only way lead to success.


  the key to success

  everyone gets the itch to succeed, but only part of them can make their dreams come true. you maybe wonder: what is the key to success? the answer is to keep the desire to learn.

  keep the desire to learn, and you will never be satisfied with what you have known. always keep a curious mind to all the mysterious parts of the world. keep the desire to learn, and whatever difficulties you face, the strong belief will support you in solving the problems. keep the desire to learn, just as ms curie puts it: nothing in the world is to be feared, it is only to be understand. so everything is possible if we try our best and never give up.

  one who does not have the desire to learn will never reach their goals. they are always shortsighted and are easily be satisfied with the very little thing they have known. in fact, knowledge, just like the ocean, never has a rim. whenever and wherever you are, you should remember: what you are learning is only the surface.

  in a word, always keep the desire to learn, and the door of success will open to you one day.